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Rules & Regulations

Young Renters: We were once in college ourselves. We would have loved to have rented a condo way back then, but no one would rent to us. Now we know why. If you're under age 25, we will not rent our condo to you. Perhaps you should bring your parents or keep us in mind after you have reached that quarter of a century mark!

Children: Bring 'em. Love 'em, but watch 'em and don't let 'em wreck anything or annoy the neighbors. Actually, we have a couple of them ourselves. This is a great place for a fun family vacation!

Pets: Due to condo association rules, renters may NOT have pets of any kind. You may see a Poodle or two during your stay–these belong to owners who are allowed to have their pets with them.

Smoking: Please smoke only on the terrace and use the windproof ashtrays provided so your neighbors don't get showered with ashes when it's windy.

Security Deposit: Your $250 security deposit will be mailed back to you AFTER the condo has been inspected by the cleaning service and all keys are returned. If there is any reason to deduct from it, you will be informed by phone or mail first. If anything is obviously wrong when you check in, tell us as immediately.

Maximum Occupancy: Although our units are capable of sleeping more, fire codes and condominium association regulations have limits on the number of occupants. Failure to abide by these limitations is at the guest's own risk and could result in eviction by the fire marshall or condominium association. We make no guarantees as to the maximum number of permitted guests in excess of these limitations, and in the event of eviction for violation of these maximums, no refunds will be provided. Limitations are as follows: 1 bedroom unit: 4; 2 bedroom unit: 6; and 3 bedroom units: 8.

Noise: Our neighbors will greatly appreciate your efforts to keep noise to a minimum. Absolutely no loud parties, loud music, or loud voices. Especially on the terrace. This doesn't mean you have to creep around like a mouse–it's a vacation, after all. But if you get up at 5:00AM be considerate and don't let the door slam. Likewise if you arrive after 10:00PM. a little effort goes a long way toward making our building delightful for everyone. Don't be shy about complaining to the office if someone else is not following the rules.

The Terrace: You are approximately 75 feet above the beach. The balcony railing is quite strong, but DO NOT lean over it and DO NOT lean against it. It's a LONG WAY DOWN. Do not allow youngsters to be on the terrace unless an adult is with them. PLEASE do not hang anything (towels, bathing suits, etc) on the railing. It is strictly forbidden by the condo association.

Feeding the Birds: There is a $50 fine (from the Condo Association) for feeding the birds from a terrace. The security guard loves to catch people at it. It really DOES make a mess of the building, so please try to keep the premises in great shape for your return visit!

Wind: Because of our elevation, there can be quite strong winds. You won't notice them UNLESS you open the back door while the sliding glass doors are open. Take care on windy days to close one before opening the other. Just don't go to sleep with them open–there could be a storm during the night and you'll be surprised and WET.

Laundry: The linens and towels are clean when you arrive. They will not be cleaned during your stay by the cleaning service. You may, if you wish, wash them in the washer and dryer located in the unit (or in the laundry facility, as the case may be).

Liability: We cannot be responsible for any mishaps that occur during your stay. By renting our condo, you agree to assume all liability for personal injury and property damage caused by you or your guests during your visit.

Cleanup: When you check out, please do not leave food in the 'fridge and be sure the coffee pot is OFF. Turn the lights, televisions and stereos OFF. CLOSE and LOCK the windows and doors. Leave everything in the place you found it when you arrived and all electronics configured as you found them. Please leave all dishes, pots and pans and kitchen utensils clean (you may leave clean dishes in the dishwasher). There is no need to vacuum, the cleaning service will take care of that dreaded task for you so that your vacation is total relaxation.

Cancellation Policy:
A. Cancellations more than 30 days prior to scheduled arrival will get a full refund of all charges EXCEPT the deposit, which is non-refundable.
B. Cancellations received from 30 to 7 days prior to scheduled arrival will be refunded 1/2 of the rental amount plus the cleaning fee.
C. No cancellations will be accepted later than 7 days prior to scheduled arrival date.
D. No refunds will be given in the event of bad weather UNLESS Gulf Shores is ordered evacuated or the condo becomes uninhabitable.

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